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  Tourist Security

No place in the world is completely safe rather the safest place (as presumed) can turn out to be the most unsafe place. The world rotates on the axis of uncertainity. But it is very essential to ensure one's security by virtue of some safety measures.

SAFETY & SECURITY ................ the key to make your journey memorable.

Foreign nationals visiting India should get themselves registered at their respective High Commissions. · Tourists should acknowledge the potential for politically motivated violence and terrorist activity by militant groups, including possible attacks against national institutions and public transport within major cities and religious sites, festivals and events frequented by westerners. Tourists should take account of the state of relations between India and Pakistan. Although there has been some improvement in India-Pakistan relations since the high tensions of 2002, the situation remains unpredictable. There are communal tensions in some parts of the country which can sometimes lead to violent incidents which can lead to social unrest. Tourists should carry sufficient cash in order to ensure safety .Tourists should not carry cash more than their need. Foreign tourists are subject to local law. A violation of local laws may result in a jail sentence, served in a local prison. Advice on particular requirements can be sought from the Indian Mission in the closest city. Visa conditions are subject to change. For up-to-date visa information,the tourists are required to contact nearest official branch of the Indian High Commission.