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 Lakshadweep Tours
Sun n' Sand Lakshadweep

Known to be a coral paradise, the beauty of Lakshadweep is its beaches which are densely covered with coconut palms and it’s charm lies in its remoteness....View Rates & Itinerary

Cruise Lakshadweep

Relax and unwind while cruising through the spectacular waters of Lakshadweep, enjoying the sun while capturing the magic of the islands....View Rates & Itinerary

Wet n' Wild Lakshadweep

The chance to commune with nature in virtual solitude on a holiday that will be different from any other one has ever enjoyed, the Lakshadweep islands provide an experience that can never fully be explained in words or captured on film....View Rates & Itinerary

Bangaram Diving

This diving experience will give you the real taste of the Lakshadweep waters. Explore the unexplored through the waters of this magnificient Island....View Rates & Itinerary

Kadmat Diving

A fine lagoon of even depth and an endless shoreline makes Kadmat a haven of solitude. The diving packages provide the best to witness the rich marine life this tiny island has to offer....View Rates & Itinerary